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Welcome to Pour & Connect


     Waiting for a bartender to fill your drink is a thing of the past at Pour & Connect.  With a great selection of different beers, ciders, seltzers, and wines on tap every day, the variety we offer appeals to any drink preference.  Not interested in drinking?  Pour & Connect offers an innovative space for anyone to enjoy sports, food, board games, or spending time with friends and family.  Come and try something from our menu of delicious bar food, including appetizers, wings, pizzas, salads, and more!  

     Located underneath the 865 residential building, on the busy corner of Port Republic Road and Devon Lane, our self-serve taproom gives the Harrisonburg community a unique experience.  

     Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check in on this website to be informed on what drinks we have on tap, to order online and check the events going on.  Come in today to sip, fill, and chill!


STEP ONE- Check in with the staff in the front.  There they will check for ID, give you a wristband, and activate your Pour My Beer card.  This card will keep track of your ounces poured.

STEP TWO- Choose a glass.  Along with our standard 16oz glasses we have 22oz arc pilsner glasses, beer mugs, flights, and more.

STEP THREE- Choose a drink.  We have 30+ to choose from, including beer/IPA, cider, seltzer, wine, and more, with  each having a different price per liquid ounce.  Those drinks are listed on the tapwall page, which is updated frequently.

STEP FOUR- Touch your card , and fill your glass as much as you please!  The screen will tell you how much your tab is as it pours.  

STEP FIVE- Hungry? order food on one of our two kiosks

STEP SIX- Close out your tab  and return your card with the front staff on the way out!   

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